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Sorry for the Radio Silence... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

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Previous Entry Sorry for the Radio Silence... Apr. 9th, 2014 @ 09:07 am Next Entry
Been busy. Last Friday was Canton (again - no purchases, but lots of fun. Oh, and a yummy soft pretzel!) Saturday was yarn and stuff (SG replaced the 2 sets of needles the dogs had eaten.) Sunday was rain. :lol: And school, since I had to go to the office yesterday (4 more weeks......)

Been slogging along on the kilt hose, V.1.2. Finished the cuff yesterday and am now working the ribbed "garter" under said cuff. LOTS of knitting yet to do - but I enjoy it.

We're in Leviticus now. LOTS of good, meaty stuff there - all sin isn't equal. Don't believe me? It's right there in Lev. 3-5. Lots to think about, there!

We're also studying WWI. We're doing documentaries this week - our History text spent 1 chapter on the war. (Ditto for WWII) So....I'm filling in. I honestly didn't know that Germany had concentration camps in WWI - did you?

Today we get "faster" internet...we'll see. I'm not holding my breath - it's the same company, they're just moving us to a "faster" tower. Yeah....we'll see.

Almost time to start - laters!

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