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Just to Clarify from yesterday....

Because I get confused. :lol: Lev. 23 is the Calendar of Sacred Time - the "master" list of all Feasts Believers are supposed to keep.

V. 5 lays out Passover - the 14th of Nisan - and it makes it VERY plain that Passover is NOT a full day. It's "between sundown and complete darkness". IF you celebrate Passover for a full day (that is, this year you would have celebrated it Monday evening to Tuesday evening), well, you're wrong. This is the ONLY Feast that isn't a full day.

V. 6 is the start of Matzoh/Unleavened Bread - it's a 7 day Feast that begins the 15th of Nisan. the first day is a Shabbat - so, if you took Tuesday off, that's what you were supposed to do...but it was NOT Passover, it was day 1 of Unleavened Bread. (People get confused - me included!)

V. 9 starts the explanation of Firstfruits (Resurrection day!); it's the day after the Shabbat mentioned in the previous bit. So, it's the day AFTER Matzoh begins - or, the 16th of Nisan (this year, that'd be yesterday.)

V. 15 lays out the counting of the Omer, which starts on Firstfruits. 50 days, which lead up to Shavout.

Now. I saw one chart that had Firstfruits 4 days AFTER Matzoh begins....I have no idea where that idea came from, because it's not Biblical. :shrug: Probably a brain-fart.....but it's wrong. The Spring Feasts come *boom*boom*boom* - 3 days in a row. Which equates to the 3 days in the tomb. :wink:

Gotta skitter - school, then we have to go help G'ma with her car. Laters!

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