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I have clean floors!!!! belly dance tonight for me. The neighbor's daughter is with her dad this week, and they were actually home, so the kidlets went over there to play. *I* got to sweep and mop my floors.

I need to get a new vacuum. I gave my Hoover to my mom - it was a good vacuum, but it couldn't keep up with the dog hair and new construction dirt that we have going on here. Hopefully, I can snag a Dyson off of Ebay for a decent price - I wouldn't even mind a reconditioned one, if it made the price actually affordable.

The Zoeymonster got a big lesson today. She bared her teeth at Lucy, the Pyr, and I smacked her and said NO. She then proceeded to growl *at me*. Nope, uh-uh, not gonna take that! I very politely grabbed her outside legs and shoulder-rolled her so fast, she didn't know what hit her. She lay on her side with a very confused and slightly fearful look in her eyes while I stood over her and read her the riot act. She was most apologetic and groveled a lot when I finally let her up. (I don't recommend this trick - she's a Big dog.....right around 140, and 36" at least at the shoulder. It was Not Fun!) We'll see if she learned anything from it.

Got lots and lots of weaving ideas...basket weave in 2 colors (or more), fancy twills (for the 12H table loom).....too many ideas to actually settle down and do any weaving. Got to get them out of my head so I can get that blanket off of the loom and re-warp with something handspun and fun.
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