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Today SG is off, and we hit a new-to-us Thrift Store. It was featured on the news Tuesday (or Wednesday...I forget), and I caught the blurb. It's pretty big, and NOTHING is over $1.99...only the prices drop each day. Wednesday they start at $1.99, Thursday they're $1.75, Friday they're $1.50 - which is where it was today (By Tuesday, everything left is $0.25....we figured Tuesday would NOT be a good day to go. :lol).

I scored BIG. I need new pants - I have patterns, yes, and fabric to make 1 pair, but pants intimidate me. I want comfy, slip on pants that aren't sweats...and I cleaned up. Can you say "yoga pants"? Because I can! :lol:

20 items of clothing, for a little over $30. :happy dance: Herself got a few skirts and tops, Himself got a new shirt and sweater...and I got *pants*.

That's all this store carries - clothes, shoes, and purses - but the prices! We'll be back, I think....

Shabbat Shalom!

ETA: OK. This store doesn't have fitting rooms, so you have to kinda guess if the items run big/small/just right. Out of the 9 pairs of pants I bought, 5 fit *perfectly*. 1 pair is just this side of tacky (i.e.: too tight - IMNSHO)(I can wear them now, but I'd prefer to not). 1 pair is the other side of tacky (I need to lose at least 5 pounds before I'd wear them in public; other women my weight/build could wear them now and I wouldn't say a word, but for *me*, they are in the tacky-for-now pile).

2 pair are no way, no how. :sad: But - that's only $3, and I *could* wear them in 10 pounds or so. But...I put them in the donate pile, because...why keep them? Yes, I'm counting calories (I've lost 2.5 pounds! In the last month! I'm slated for 1 pound/month!!!), but....I don't need them, I don't want to take up the space, and I can send them to our Women's shelter and bless someone else.

3 of the 5 got a "WOW!" from SG, so it's all good. :lol:

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