Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

In which I shake my head...

OK. I've been working on losing the extra pounds for a bit, now. About a month ago, the morning news show mentioned an app - Lose it!, so I thought, OK, let's try that. Why not - it's free, right?

I downloaded it, got it set up (you have to give it info: Age/sex/height/current weight/target weight, and it calculates your daily calorie limit. ) (Yes, I could go to one of many websites that do the same thing, but a) you have to have net access to use them and b) it's a bother to remember exactly what you had if you're out without said access. This is an app, so I just click it and input the stuff. Sometimes right after I order! :lol:) The app figures you are pretty sedentary and doesn't take ANY exercise into account when setting your limit - which is good. Means you can lose weight without any effort, as long as you stay under your calorie limit.

The first 2 weeks I just played with it, not really trying to lose weight. I wanted to see where my problem areas were....seems to be bread. Of course. :lol: I excitedly told SG about it, and he downloaded the app.....

This AM, he was very ticked. The app doesn't work, our scales are off - not only do they say he has not lost weight, but he's GAINED. :gasp!: I asked him, "OK....have you input every single thing you've eaten?", but he doesn't eat THAT much! :ummmm....: "OK, have you input all the Cokes, both spiked and plain, that you've consumed? " No, of course not! They don't count! :bangs head:

I pointed out that there's a reason it's called a "beer belly" and that if he was serious about weight loss, he'd input every single thing that crossed his lips. He'd cut out the late-night bowls of cereal, he'd cut back on the JD-and-Cokes that he drinks every evening, he'd list every single latte he drinks (and not just the FIRST one of the day :bangs head:) other words, he'd really be serious about this.

His solution? Buy a $300+ exercise bike. :sigh: Yeah....but you have to actually USE it for it to do any good, and if you don't restrict your calories you STILL won't lose. (Just because I walked a mile yesterday doesn't mean I can run out and buy a large milkshake. I mean, yeah.....I did burn SOME calories, but not an entire large milkshake's worth. And I still have to stay below my calorie limit or the weight won't budge.

It's just funny, the way he thinks. I've been watching him...he honestly doesn't realize how much he actually eats every day. Nor does he consider that he does NO exercise at all - he sits pretty much all day at work then comes home and watches TV all evening. I at least hop up and down all day doing stuff - cleaning actually burns more calories than I thought! :lol:

Ah well - I don't nag him, and I won't start now. But HE has to do something, because his knees are starting to show the strain. :sigh:

Oh, and H, I'd LOVE the pants! Depending on how they're sized, they may not fit right now, but they should in a short amount of time. :lol:

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