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OK. I can *finally* talk about something that's been going on since February. Sit's kinda complicated.

I've been with Company since 1/1/92. Lots of reasons....basically, I promised Mr. Boss I'd stay to the bitter end. (LOTS of history there - but let's keep this short. -ish.) In 2005, Mr. Boss died and his wife (Ms. boss) took over.

In 2010, she presented co-worker and me with a piece of paper and told us to sign it Right Now. The top read "Severance Agreement" We signed, and read it later. Basically, it said that if Company terminated us for anything other than cause (and "cause" is defined), we got a chunk of money. The amount would be determined with how long we had been employed. Remember this, OK?

In 2011, I tried to quit, but Ms. boss convinced me to stay on as part-time. No biggie - I could work from home while teaching the kids, so all was good.

February 10, 2014, co-worker calls me (with Ms. boss in the background - I could hear her clearly) - Company is going to cut my pay by $200/month. What could I say but OK? I could refigure the budget, and it wouldn't cause too many problems.

February 12, 2014, I went into the office. AFTER I left, I get a phone call from co-worker (about, oh, 2 hours after I'd left). Again, Ms. boss is talking in the background, telling co-worker what to say. They are NOT going to cut my pay, instead they are making me a contract worker at $25/hour, not to exceed $1500/month. Again, what do you do? I said OK, but wasn't happy about it. salary was quite a bit more than $25/hour; there's simply not enough work - even with FA's work (and, BTW, HE'S the one that came up with this) to net me even the $200 less salary. :sigh: Still - I need a job.

February 14, 2014, SG calls me from work. He'd been thinking (and stewing), and he'd gone to his HR dept to ask a few questions. He asked me "What about your Severance Agreement?" I said, "Um....what about it? I'm still emp.....loy......oh shit. You greedy bastard! You lovely, devious, greedy man!" and both of us started laughing (quick note: He wasn't upset by my words - he knew what I meant and how I meant it, and he thought it was hysterical.)

I put in a call to a lawyer friend, who advised me to get in touch with a board certified labor and employment attorney. Which I did.

February 22, 2014, I met with the attorney. He immediately put my mind at ease; yup, Company had terminated my employment without cause on 2/12/14, and the clock started ticking on the Severance Agreement (Company has 90 days to pay up.) He advised me that I could either quit right then and wait the 3 months, or I could hang in there the 3 months and then quit and request my Severance.

I chose to wait it out.

Today, I turned in my notice. I won't bore you with all the reasons why, but basically the work is worth WELL over $25/hour, and I'm tired of being taken advantage of by FA (who is the primary job).

Now. Back in February, FA claimed that he could get "anyone" to do the work for $25/hour. Today? He starts backpedaling - "Um. Well. Um. You WILL stay on to train someone, right? Because it's going to take some time to find someone to do the work...." yeah. Um, I'll stay a bit, but not for long, because honestly? I. AM. TIRED. of all the Crap. From him, mostly.

Oh, and I'm sure he pissed off Ms. boss, because HE said "Well, I'm sure we can pay you more if that's what we need to do." Um. The company is NOT his, so how does he get off in offering me more pay from Company? Especially if the job is only worth $25? Sorry, but I'm done.

So. That's off my chest. Feel free to discuss. :lol:

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