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Quick Roundup....

A: Not really. I turned in my 2 week notice (because I don't want to burn all my bridges here - after all, Ms. boss still holds the Severance in her hands), and I did agree to help train my "replacement". More on that in a bit...

H: Yup, things have gotten really....icky there. Mostly because of FA and his......taking advantage. :sigh:

Speaking of my "replacement"....seems that yesterday FA had lunch with Ms. boss and co-worker. He is trying to find Company an *employee* to replace me. Um. If they need an *employee*, why did HE insist they get rid of me (and make me contract???).'s HIS work that is the bulk of my job. Why should Company HIRE someone (that honestly, they do NOT need - I've known that for a few years now, but didn't rock the boat because the money was nice) to do HIS work? Yes, he pays Company a set fee/month for the work that we His work did NOT pay all of my salary (his work + other contract work more than covered me, but Ms. boss really wants to get rid of other contract work. I don't blame her - that contact keeps changing the rules on us and it's...well, toxic.) Heck, his fee now just barely covers my work - seeing how other contract hasn't given us anything in 2 months (typical for this time of year. She'll hit Company with a TON of stuff late May/early June, should Company keep her.)

And....honestly? His work is worth MORE than the piddly $25/hour. Most of it is in Excel - I have a massive workbook set up, with 3 spreadsheets per prospect. Right now, I have 20, 60 spreadsheets in the workbook, that all link to each other, a Summary sheet, and a sheet that breaks out how to cut the other contract worker's (and his 6 employees) checks. It's.....OK, it looks more complicated than it is (but then, I'm got lots of experience in linking across sheets, so to *me* it's easy), it's just time consuming to add new contractors/prospects. (I added 3 new contractors today - 2 I had "dirty" added Sunday, but I went in and did it correctly today. It took me a solid hour to make sure all my spreadsheets still balanced, and they balanced on the main summary sheet and check sheet. It only took 1 hour because I cheated in the way I added them - I put the new guys where they belonged on the Summary sheet, then added 3 lines in the middle of all the other sheets and copied the "good" list over. Too bad you can't cheat on the formulas - that's what takes the longest, even with cut and pasting. :sigh:)

Then you have to go into QuickBooks and set up Invoices and bills and checks...and then you have to go into Oildex and re-input the invoices in their format. Again, nothing hard - just very very very tedious and time-consuming. (I'm typically in the office for 6+ hours every other week just doing QB and OD. It takes me.....2 hours at home to download and print all the info, and another....2-ish hours (in a "normal" cycle) to input everything in my workbook. Add to that if I have to go in and add new people.)

Oh, and he changes how he wants the stuff input ALL. THE. TIME. :bangs head: We've re-done the Payroll accounts 3x already since January...and I'm sure he'll change them again before year-end. He always does. :sigh:

Anyway...gotta skitter so school can start.

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