Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

So. Where were we?

Let's see....Wed. was Town Day, so we were out most of the day grocery shopping. Thursday was "normal", only we did both Thursday AND Friday's work, because Friday we went back to the Thrift Store.

Herself scored BIG. 4 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of pants (1 of which she is currently steam-punking out), 2 jackets, a swimsuit, and a polyester jacket that looks a lot like a lab coat, so that's what it is now. :lol: Himself doesn't like thrift clothes (I'm fine with it - I told him, though, that if won't wear pre-owned stuff he can't turn his nose up at Wal-Mart clothes, because I can't afford name-brand stuff. He's cool, so.....:shrug:)

Saturday was buy a new dog crate day (because Chloe...well, she's still not house-trusty. And she outgrew the other crate. At least this one will fit Bree, and we can use it for goats, later.)

Sunday....was clean so the new refrigerator can be installed. :sigh: My old one finally managed to piss off both me AND SG (we replaced the ice maker last year (or the year before - you'd think I'd remember when I dropped $350, right?) and it's started making hollow ice again. I ignored it decided to make 1 batch of ice, then freeze up. I started de-icing the maker every 3 or 4 it decided to stop dispensing ice. At which point SG got fed up.) Fun stuff.

H: Got the box! Thank you!!!! They FIT, too!!!! And Herself has already wire-wrapped an emerald, and is planning how to use the other stuff. :lol:

School: While we were out Wednesday, we hit Half Price. I am GLAD we did...we're about 3 weeks away from starting WWII. I had planned on spending a couple of weeks on it (like I did on WWI)....but Wednesday? I found "Echoes and Reflections" a multimedia curriculum on the Holocaust. WITH the CD (that has interviews with survivors). It's set up for classroom use, but I can easily adapt it. It's put out by Yad Vashem...and it' WWII is now going to take at *least* 4 weeks, possibly 6. I'm going to start planning it out this afternoon. I want to do this, and spend at least 1 week on the Bomb, and 1 week on our History book......and I need to find some documentaries, as well. We've been watching some as PBS posts them on the app.....but I need to solidify my plans.

Hope y'all are having a good day. We're drying out after a lovely day of thunder-boomers yesterday. Got some rain, but the bad stuff missed us and went North. Thankfully!

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