Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Mid-week round-up

I have all our current books scheduled thru the end of the books. Might not sound like much, but to me, it is. I like "open and go"...and scheduling things are the only way *I* can make our stuff "open and go". Today I get to do languages, poetry, and start on the next textbooks (I think Chemistry for Science, and Trigonometry. Wish Mystery of History IV was out, because I'm going to NEED it by the end of September...:sigh:) Scheduling doesn't really take long, when I get in the groove; I can do an entire year of 1 subject in about an hour or so. It's just....tedious typing. :lol:

We've been having good discussions in TorahClass. We're in Lev. 10, and discussing the chrischun view of God = love vs. the Biblical view of God = disciplinary parent. It's been good, and deep. (God = love is NOT Acts, specifically Ananais and Sapphiro. It all repeats what you learn in Lev. 10......funny how an UN-changing God seems to have changed from the OT to the NT, isn't it? :wink:)

Not much else going on. I'm still slogging thru Kilt Hose V. 1.2's BORING. And tedious. And I'm starting to really not like the boring blue-ness of it. I'll slog on, though - I promised him kilt hose, and kilt hose he shall have. To try and stave off knitting infidelity, I've been browsing Ravelry (it...makes sense. Seriously. To me, anyway. :lol:) I LOVE the Tsockarina's stuff, but I can't get my hands on it...unless I find a kit in someone's for sale stash. Which...I have. :snicker: An Oktoberfest kit is on it's way to me now, and I have 2 lines on Firebird (for Herself...if I should end up with 2 kits, I get a pair, too. Win/Win.). The beauty of this? Her kits are all so OUT THERE and INTENSE that I will be happy to just *look* at them (I've had Vintage for...4 years now. I keep pulling it out and drooling, then stashing it back. I *will* knit it at some point....) I have told myself, no challenging knits until the kilt hose are finished. (I confess to 1 other project - my travel sock. I can't juggle a chart and cables in the car, so I need something relatively mindless. "Monkey" in my Manos yarn is *perfect*...only I long to be working on it All. The. Time. oops! :lol:)

Well, better get to lesson planning. The kids are almost ready for chore-time, which means I get unlimited access to the computer desk. :huzzah!:

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