Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Mish-Mash of Things....

1. Granny's yesterday. She's starting to slow the point that she is starting to gift things. :sigh: We came home with a complete set of Fiestaware dishes, a Singer Featherweight, Herself's tea set, a bunch of craft's sad. The kids enjoyed the visit, and were pretty oblivious to the *why* the truck was full of stuff, but.....:sigh: We did talk to Papaw about his Navy days a bit; we'll do more next month when we go.

2. Rain! We got blessed, glorious RAIN the past 2 days!

3. I am a negligent mother. :hangs head: I am really, really bad.....but I am rectifying the situation as fast as I can. You see, Monday I finally - FINALLY! - introduced my children to the Doctor. The Ninth Doctor, to be exact. :lol: They are true Whovians already - I got asked WHY I waited so long.....the fact that it airs here very very late (or very very early - take your pick) convinced them I was correct.

Why now? Because DH figured out how to root the fruit-television box, and we can now get all sorts of things we couldn't get before. Like....sports, for instance. (That was actually the reason he rooted; last year we paid for the MLB app so he could watch the Rangers play. can't watch the local team on the app - you HAVE to subscribe to Fox Sports....which we can't get unless we pay for an entire package. Nope, not gonna do it - I don't have $90+/month for TV we probably will not watch. :sigh: Someone told me you could get the channels if you rooted the Television box (it works on Roku, too, if you're not a fruit-fan. :wink:)

So. Monday he was scrolling around, and on a whim looked for Dr. Who....and found the Ninth and Tenth doctors. So, my children were properly introduced, and were instantly smitten. :geeks!:

4. Work: Seems that yesterday she finally admitted she had no choice. There's a LOT going on there in the background......but suffice to say that yesterday, anyway, she had agreed to pay the Severance. Of course, that was *yesterday*.....hopefully she won't change her mind AGAIN. :sigh: and :lol:, because I've lived this for the past.....what, 9 years? Oh - and she's back to wanting to hire someone for FA. :bangs head: :whatever:

Ortho today, so I gotta get cracking. Then it's back to printing out Study Guides for some of the literature we'll be doing this year - AND I found Study Guides for a lot of the Musicals I had planned on doing....:hehe: Sure am glad I figured out 2-sided printing on my rinky-dink Laser printer! :happy dance:

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