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Blather.....(Homeschool related - you've been warned!)

because I've hit the doldrums. Been spending most of my "free" time working on Lesson Plans - our school runs much better when I have everything (or, mostly everything) laid out, ready to go when we "officially" start the new year. (Since we school year-round, our "official" start is Sept. 1.....but I plan from June 1 - May 30, just switching to "school lite" during the typical Summer months. We drop the Languages, cut back on the literature, but keep the core subjects going.)

Anyway. We decided to start our Literature Unit with Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice". We'll spend a week learning about Jane and the times she lived in, then do P&P as a read-aloud, then spend 6 days watching the BBC mini-series. Then, after they write me a paper or 2, we'll move on to "Persuasion". I have all 6 of her novels on DVD, so we'll probably end up watching the others - just to watch, not discuss. We'll see. I've already downloaded and printed Study Guides for all her books, and they're all bound in a nice little booklet.

For Art/Music, we'll be doing a Broadway Musicals Unit. I have the Teaching Company's Lecture Series on Broadway and the PBS series; we'll do them and then start watching and discussing some of our favorite musicals. Both kids are looking forward to this! (And they both keep giggling over how public school would NEVER do something like this - not here, anyway! :lol:) (Again, I've got Study Guides downloaded for a LOT of the Musicals we own....and I can find others. Haven't printed them yet, because I'm trying to save my paper for work this week - Last Time!)

Then it's on to Shakespeare - I have 2 Musicals based on his plays, so we'll compare and contrast them ("Kiss Me Kate" and "West Side Story")......then it's on to all the other plays. Or, as many of them as we can fit in. :lol: (Both my kids LOVE Shakespeare. :happy dance: This won't be a problem!)(And, again, I've got Study Guides already downloaded and ready to print. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE my ProClick binding machine? Because....I do. And it's fun to look at all the nicely spiral bound books lining my shelves.)

Science: Apologia's Chemistry. I have it all scheduled out - of course, we can bump lessons if/when needed. I need to get the Home Science Tools kit - I have a LOT of beakers/test tubes/etc, but I'm missing the scale, litmus paper, and a few small things. After doing a lot of figuring, it'll be about the same price to buy the kit as it is to pick up the things we're missing......ah, well. :lol: Both kids are looking forward to this!

History: I am really, really hoping that Mystery of History Vol. IV comes out soon. We won't be finished with American History until.....September, I think. If the kids go to Granny's (my schedule will be shot all to Hell, but no biggie - I'll just bump stuff and pick it up next Summer; the kids NEED to spend time with the Grands!), we'll have another week or 2 of American History...but I need to get it so I can schedule it out. IF it's late, we'll spend some time watching the Teaching Company's World History Lectures....:sigh:

Math: Life of Fred's Trigonometry :ack!: I can't postpone it any longer - the kid is doing Geometry proofs in his head and nailing them....Herself, who will be a Senior, will simply sit and listen. She doesn't realize how much of the Alg/II/Geometry she absorbed while I let her "skip" Math. :snicker:

Languages: We're starting both Hebrew and Latin over from the beginning. Since this is High School I want to be able to count them on Himself's college transcript, so it makes sense. And it'll reinforce what we've already learned. I've switched to just 2 days/week each this year - we were getting SO bogged down in Hebrew on Fridays that, well, I figured it made more sense to cut back and try to work on it more. Hebrew is from Hebrew Podcasts, and Latin is Latin 101 from the Teaching Company.

Bible: We'll start out with TorahClass Leviticus, then move on. If things work out as I've scheduled, we'll finish Numbers and get pretty into Deuteronomy *this* year. :whoa!: I have downloaded his lectures on the next few books - they're not all pretty like the Homeschool editions have been, but I don't care - it's the INFORMATION I want to impart to them, and looks don't matter for that.

Geography: They've already done Glencoe's World Geography (I think our district uses it in 10th grade)....I need to add something else so it shows on the transcript, but I'm not sure *what*. :sigh:

Government: Not this year. We've already done "We the People" which is FANTASTIC and totally covers the Constitution (and actually is BETTER than the Glencoe Government book I own.) I'm not sure what to do here, either....because everything I've looked at stinks compared to what we've already done.

PE: same old stuff. Walking the dogs, going to the Park and walking......basic life stuff. :lol:

Socialization: the bugaboo of homeschoolers. Why people think throwing a bunch of kids together is a good idea I'll never know....both my kids get along with adults, teens, kids - EVERYBODY (well, Herself is doing better, but she's got reasons to be anti-social.) The psychologist I was taking both kids to told me I had no need to worry - both kids were as well-adjusted as he'd seen (even Herself - he should see her now!). I do let them out of the house on a regular basis, and they interact with *gasp!* strangers all the time. :lol:

As you can see, we're pretty well set for this year (and, actually, I have the curriculum for the next 4 years!). I've got just about everything planned out for this year.....Math I try to do 1 Chapter at a time, because I don't know how long it'll take Himself to get it. I haven't actually scheduled our Musicals yet - but both DVDs are scheduled out. We want to do "Persuasion" after P&P, and I need to schedule it, but...that won't take long.

Once I know when the kids'll be going to Granny's, I can nail down the year for real. I'm not sure if it'll be for 1 or 2 weeks, if both kids will be there at the same time (probably, but I just don't know).....but. We're in a good spot right now. I can take a breather from planning. For the moment. :lol:

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