Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Happy Monday!

This weekend, I successfully sewed up a rectangle! :go me!: :lol: Actually, it's a good thing - we have an XL pet door in the back wall of the house. I've replaced the flap $70 each time. :sigh: The time had come to replace it Again....but I don't have $70 laying around. I'd patched it with duct tape...but it was looking really, really bad. SO. I figured, hey - it's just a large rectangle, surely I can sew up something to fit the hole, right?

Right. Wally-world had some mossy-green outdoor upholstery fabric (with vinyl backing), and some coordinating binding; I had thread to match. After folding the fabric, I decided that even 4 layers wasn't quite stiff enough, so I went to the stash and dug out some pre-quilted stuff to use as an inner layer.

I measured, cut then sandwiched the fabric: Outdoor/quilted/Outdoor. Pinned the binding in place and sewed it all up. Then came the intelligent part: The part on the original flap that kept tearing first was the top, where the holes for the screws were. See, my dogs don't go in and out in the prescribed way; they go in at an angle most of the time, causing excess wear to the edge holes.

After a bit of thought, I dug out the grommet setter and went to town. It took 8 messed up grommets (plus the 4 test ones) before I figured out how to get them set correctly, but my replacement flap has metal-reinforced screw holes on top. Theoretically, it won't rip. :fingers crossed:

It fits, it looks good (the green goes with the decor - always a plus!) time I need to put weights along the bottom edge to keep it closed firmly, but hey - learning experience. AND, I got a replacement flap for - at most! - $20. The $9 spent at Wally-world will actually make 1 this flap probably cost a lot less than $20. :shrug: Much better than $70!

Got my printer going again yesterday....I have printed a lot of what I need for the next 4 years. :oops: Kinda got on a roll, there....:lol: It's all spiral-bound now, and ready to go. All that's left is to print out the Science notebook pages.....but I ran out of paper. :rofl: I'm trying to take my mind off of immersing myself into planning out the next 4 years. :sigh: and :lol: - because what am I going to do next year, if everything is already done? :snicker:

We're getting a late start today....oh, well. :lol: It's Summer - we can do that!

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