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Mid-Week blahs.... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About Mid-Week blahs....

Previous Entry Mid-Week blahs.... May. 21st, 2014 @ 10:18 am Next Entry
So. Yesterday was my last in-office day. It was just me and coworker...I would have thought that FA would have had someone in for me to teach, but whatever - that's his problem, not mine. Still haven't heard anything re: my severance.....I have my attorney's number on hand, but I'm being patient. I did, after all, give them until next Thursday - even though the 90 days was up last Friday. No sense in being hard-nosed about it.....nice is always better if you can swing it.

Annie's twins are out with the big goats now. Risky is due next Saturday, and the other 4 does are all due within days of her. The first week or 2 of June will be busy! And noisy...:lol:

Knitting: I am totally stalled on the kilt hose. I think it's because there's so MUCH of them - I knit and knit and knit, and don't seem to make any progress. Himself and I made a deal - the first 2 weeks of the month I'll work on them (except for when we're out - my travel sock will still go and the hose will stay home). The last 2 weeks of the month are MINE to knit on whatever I want....I'm hoping that'll make me focus and concentrate on the hose those 2 weeks (because it's a deadline, of sorts) and yet I'll still get to do some fun, non-soul-sucking knits as well. :fingers crossed:

We've rolled completely into our Summer Schedule here. Torah/Math/Science/History are the only courses we'll do - dare I say it? - religiously; I've added a Writing class - the kids are watching a lot of really STUPID movies right now, so they are going to be writing a synopsis of 1 of them each week. Both of them thought that was hysterical; we'll see. :lol: I need to get some Field Trips scheduled..but until I know how much $$$ I'll have available it's kinda hard. Gas costs $$, you know.....

Not much else going on....

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