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Previous Entry The Lord taketh...... May. 27th, 2014 @ 11:29 am Next Entry
and He giveth.....

Saturday, we went to the Grands to go to a Gem and Mineral show. Got home to find Penny, Annie's daughter from this year, dead. :sigh: She'd gotten her head stuck in the fence......I had a meltdown.

But. Today.....today, Padme/Patches (she's registered as Padme, but we call her Patches) surprised us with Twin GIRLS. She's 1 week early, but both girls seem strong; they both have good suck reflexes and are LOUD. Padme, however, has no milk (yet). Good thing I had saved some colostrum from last year!

So. We have 1 girl that we can sell this year (maybe 2...but I had planned to keep Penny, so....I'll probably keep 1 of these. And if Risky has a girl, she's MINE.)

Funny thing, I was checking Risky - she's due Saturday. I saw Padme pee while laying down...and went "Ooops, we got babies comin'!" :lol: That's one way to jazz up school time, I guess.....

Finished the first Necker sock, and started the 2nd. Also, today I'm dying yarn for a future sock project...I think I really, really NEED a pair of TARDIS socks, don't you? :lol:

Gotta go check the babies! (The rest of the does are due between now and the 19th. We're gonna be busy! At least the weather's nice!)

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