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Quick one


Previous Entry Quick one Jun. 6th, 2014 @ 08:38 am Next Entry
Because I'm tired.

Monday: letter sent, with a 6/9 deadline. Have heard nothing.

Monday evening: Risky delivered 2 gorgeous....boys. :sigh: Still, they are gorgeous. And LOUD.

Wednesday: Shavuot. Lots of chees-filled foods were consumed.

Today: run into the next town over for SG - it's the closest bank branch. We also had 1 chick hatch so far.

Been quiet except for the above. Inara is due next Friday, and Zoe - if she's bred - is due the 19th. Padme still has no milk...we'll re reed her this fall and see about next year. If she does this again, she's gone.

Remember the heroes of D-Day today!

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