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I need some inspiration...


Previous Entry I need some inspiration... Jun. 19th, 2005 @ 07:49 pm Next Entry
or a swift kick in the butt......my loom is 1/4 threaded for dishtowels, and I have *no* inclination to sit down and finish the blooming thing.

It's not the project - I *love* 8/2 cotton, and I *love* weaving dishtowels; the pattern is a variation of the last set I did (I drafted it myself! Whee!) and it's easy to weave off....I just don't want to sit and thread heddles.

I've been in this rut for almost a month.....I look at the loom and shrug.

My wheels are in the same position, but - spinning *hurts* right now, so I'm not inclined to do it. (And my stupid doc released me on Friday - "Bye! Come back when needed!" I felt like making another appointment for Monday, but I refrained. He obviously doesn't give a hoot, so I'll just muddle through on my own, like I've been doing.)

On that note, the pool seems to be helping the wrist a wee bit. It was very "ouchy" while in Galveston, and the salt water didn't seem to do much. We set the pool up Thursday, got it finally filled Friday afternoon (I cheated and tossed the chemicals in while it was filling, so we could jump on in when it finally finished *6* hours later), then spent 2 hours yesterday and about 3 hours today (off and on) in it. I'm pleasantly tired, but the wrist seems a bit...less ouchy than before. Coincidence? Maybe. I must experiment more, methinks. *g*

If you are thinking about an above ground pool, go to Thrallmart and check out the Intex Easy Set pools. Seriously - it wasn't a huge investment (cheaper than I thought, really - they seem to be on sale right now, ours was $216), and, while you can't really swim laps in the one we bought (the 16' round one), it's good for splashing around.

You *can* swim in it - the box says 3.5' deep, but I don't know *whose* foot they were using to measure. Ours is set on relatively level ground (not perfect, but pretty darn close) and the water level is *maybe* 3'. A scant 3'. I can swim in it, if I don't mind swimming in circles (no laps, here), and it's the perfect depth for Himself - he can touch the bottom with no problems. If you want to do laps, Intex has a 24' X 12' X 48" oval pool - but it's 3X the Thrallmart price, and the 2 stores I went to didn't carry it. (Ebay has them, but shipping is killer!). For the kids, it was well worth the price - and come August, I'll probably be praising it to high heaven! Also, right now I'm using it instead of the treadmill - slightly harder exercise, and much more fun. And, it's cooler!

Anyway, back to the main subject - someone inspire me to get this warp ON the loom so I can have the pleasure of weaving it off. Please?! I'd deeply appreciate it - this is destined for Christmas presents and sale items (there's a shop that's offered to sell whatever I produce, so I gotta get producing!).
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Date:June 20th, 2005 12:50 pm (UTC)
If it's not a complicated pattern, it helps to put a small TV in the room and half-watch a movie while you're threading. Complicated patterns get good music only. Another trick I use is, if it has a definite repeat in the pattern, to thread only one repeat, and then get up and do something else. One repeat is usually pretty quick, 15 min or so.
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Date:June 20th, 2005 01:51 pm (UTC)
OK Girlie. You want a swift kick in the bloomers? Here it is. KICK!! Feel free to kick me back - I've got upwards of 5 bodices to get crackin' on!

Seriously V, you'll work out of your rut when it's time. I know you're hurting and tired (what is it with need a vacation FROM your vacation to recuperate?? ~L~) and that throws things off. Pack the kidlets off to the Grands for a few days (over a weekend would be better) and use the spare time to rediscover your focus. *HUG*
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