Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Let's see....

1. Picked up the check Friday @ 10. Got it in the bank; the funds are mostly on hold until 7/1. :sigh: and :figures:

2. Saturday morning, Zoe - the last preggers doe standing - came up for morning stables with a cute little tricolor buckling wobbling behind her. She wasn't interested in him, so I grabbed him up (he was dry but his ears were still damp), checked him over (perfect!) and put him with the others. The afterbirth was still wet and shiny, so she'd just slipped it.....he's GORGEOUS, but a he. :sigh: If it quits raining tomorrow (kinda hope not...:wink:) I'll get photos of all of 'em, because I have GOT to get them listed for sale.

3. We were out and about yesterday, and we found a metal cart for Herself's kiln...for $48. Himself is assembling it right now - it's red, it smells, but it'll be perfect for her. :win!:

4. Today we're rehabilitating some baby sparrows. SG decided to clean off the back porch - I had told him he really should wait, because the birds were all still visiting the nests, but he was tired of the flies and mess. The nest he knocked down had 2 babies in his conscience struck and we have them in a box with the heat lamp over them. I am not holding out much hope here.... (the cart mentioned in #3 will become the incubator - we need a place to hang the heat lamp from, and it'll be perfect for that.)

Not much else going on - my life right now consists of bottles/milking/school/knitting/repeat. I'm tired...but it could be worse. We only have 4 does on the stand now....very do-able, but still a lot of work. At least we're on our summer schedule with school - very laid back and minimal.

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