Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I'm still alive.....

Waterlogged, thank God, but alive! It's been raining since...Sunday? Saturday? Anyway - we NEED the rain. No complaining here!

Let's see:

1. Baby birds have been moved to a rehab facility. They were doing well, but the round-the-clock-every-2-hours-feedings were getting to us. Plus we have things to do outside the house this week (and next week the kids are at Granny's!), they needed a place where they'd get the care that they need.

2. Pool guy....he's not very punctual, but hey! You can see the bottom of the pool now! And we are supposed to be able to actually SWIM this weekend! Can't beat that! Granted, we're paying for the help - but I'm at the point I don't care. I want to SWIM, darn it!

3. Yesterday we ran and picked up a new "soaping center" for me. It's an old Hoosier cabinet (in really poor looks good on the outside, but.....). First up, it is NOT a valuable antique. (Want to get that out of the way.) Which is good, considering what I'll be doing with/to it. All my soaping supplies fit in it (with room to spare, actually!), and my molds fit perfectly on the slide out top. It makes that area of the Studio look MUCH nicer - and I have more room!

The ready-to-go soaps are in the armoire (that used to be my soaping center - we did a bit of moving around Monday. :lol:), as are the mailing supplies and my "spare" appliances. It is so much neater than the open shelving that used to be there....the Studio is now trashed, but it'll get put back together soon. Maybe next week. :lol:

The Hoosier cabinet needs to be repainted, and the bottom...well, it's been water damaged and wasn't attached any more. When we got it home we discovered this (no, we didn't notice the damage at the lady's house - it was in the garage, crammed into a corner, and on a quick glance it looked fine. Got it home, though, and I discovered the bottom corner wasn't attached anymore. Ah, well...) ...I ran to Ace and picked up some corner braces and did a quick repair. IF I had wanted to take the time, I would have cut some plywood and replaced the bottom...but rain was coming and I wanted the thing IN the house. I need to make a shelf for the bottom (the brackets are there, but no shelf), and I need to get new drawer pulls for it. Oh, and I need to install a catch for the bottom door - it won't stay closed. :shrug: Again, it's perfect for what I wanted it for, and I got it for a good price.

4. Unemployment denied my I'm not upset (too much) by it - I am NOT looking for another job, and it felt wrong to keep looking at ads.....and, honestly, as long as I watch the budget we'll be fine.

5. I'm still a little miffed at my husband. 3 weeks ago, I discovered my MacBook Pro screen was *shattered*. I asked everybody - the kids were shocked, SG said "No! What happened???" :sigh: Found out that evening that HE had dropped something on my MacBook, but hadn't realized it broke the screen until I called him.

It's not so much that he broke it, it's that he lied about it. He's ALWAYS on the kids' butts about not taking responsibility...and yet, when it came time to model it, he bailed. :big sigh: Oh, and also I had just decided the night before to NOT replace the laptop with my severance; I had decided that I could live with the slightly slower response time. :bangs head: (A new screen from Apple will supposedly run about $700+; for that, I'll just add a few hundred more and get me a new Air. SG wants this one; he says he'll find an after market screen and replace it himself. Whatever....) I'll get over it...but I really didn't want to spend the $$$$.

Today is grocery and orthodontist day; tomorrow is book store (hey, Himself actually ASKED for a few books! Yes, I'm going to capitalize on this!); Friday is a lunch date with a friend. Saturday is going-to-Granny's day.....I need a break! :lol:

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