Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

So. Tired.....

because it's been go-go-go the past few days, and tomorrow it continues. :sigh:

Yesterday was Town Day. It was a late one - we had an Ortho appointment at 12, so we started school...and was promptly interrupted by the phone. A Rabbit Rescuer 65 miles North of us was desperate - she had a clutch of 10 newborn bunnies and needed raw goats milk STAT. NO One on her contact list would part with milk, so she went to the ADGA site and started calling from there. We were #20 on her list...I couldn't turn her down. We DO have milk, and we had planned on running out that direction (but not as far) anyway today, so......we left at 7:45 this AM and just got home. :yawn:

It was productive! After dropping off the 2 gallons of milk (1 frozen from last year, 1 from this AM), we headed to the Ceramic Supply shop my friend told me about. (Trinity Ceramics) They are FABULOUS! We walked in shortly after they opened; the guy asked if he could help us and I said "We just bought her a kiln for her birthday, and have NO CLUE what to do now. Pretend we are clueless (because we are) and tell me what I need to buy for her."

He was stellar - instead of taking advantage of me (which he totally could have done) he asked her what she wanted to make. And she ANSWERED HIM. (This is HUGE - she doesn't LIKE talking to anyone, especially not strangers. And not strange men). He said we needed to start with porcelain, not stoneware, and here was a good beginner set of tools, and here's another set for detail work, and oh - here, in case you want to attach pieces together you'll need *this*. What about colors? These you have to do *this*, and these - know what? You'll probably want *these* underglaze pens, because Reasons, and you'll need this overglaze. Oh, and a book...this one (Ceramic Jewelry) fact, I'm just about to mark all these down, so I'll discount it for you.

In all, he spent a good hour with us, giving reasons why she'd probably like this better than that, but maybe later she'd try this, and oh, yeah, metal clay is different, but it's highly expensive so yeah, start with porcelain and THEN move to it when you're comfortable with the whole firing process. And I only spent $140!! (For 50 pounds of clay and all the other stuff!)

Then we hit Half Price. She cleaned out the bead section, and Himself got a couple of "interesting" books. (He's reading. I don't care that one was a Dictionary - he's READING.)

So. We're back home, the Jeep is unloaded, and I want to collapse in a heap. :lol: We accomplished a LOT, though, so I'm not complaining. Too much. :lol: And Herself is just all fired up (no pun intended!) because of all the stuff - she's got Plans. :rofl:

I need to tidy in the's bad. I want to get photos...but I'm tired. So...laters!

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