Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Let's see....

1. Kids are at the Grandparent's house until next Saturday. They were SO excited to go! Granny is having eye surgery in a couple of weeks, so this is a good time. We've volunteered to bring the kids back if she needs any help after the surgery - and Herself is the one that volunteered!

2. The pool is CLEAN. I can see the bottom! It needs vacuuming - the guy is supposed to be out in a bit to do that - but it is CLEAN. :happy dance:

3. God is good......I have my severance. The A/C went out last night. (PSA: CLEAN your A/C coils at least 1x/year, OK? Looks like this'll cost us about $500; to replace the coils will be $2K. :sigh: And, the septic tank aerater compressor is out. No estimate on that, yet....but. If all goes according to plan - and it should, since I budgeted out EVERYTHING - I should have enough left after paying bills to pay cash for this and the A/C. Good thing they went out NOW, huh? :weak grin:

4. SG is helping get my Hoosier cabinet squared away. He's taking the doors off the top now so I can paint it; while I'm painting he'll be replacing the bottom and cutting a shelf. It should be back in place tonight! :huzzah!:

Tomorrow I plan on catching up on my sleep. I am SO tired it's not even funny. The rest of the week will be laid back, mostly - except I do need to schedule out Trig and (hopefully) World History. MOH IV is due out in September; I preordered it so they'll be sending me the table of contents and the first 6 weeks so we can get it laid out and started. Trig I'll only do 1 chapter at a time, just in case my Mathy boy doesn't get it. I think he'll do just fine.

Gotta run - got babies to feed and a cabinet to start slapping paint on! :lol:

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Tags: blather, country life

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