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Previous Entry Let's see.... Jun. 29th, 2014 @ 11:40 am Next Entry
1. Kids are at the Grandparent's house until next Saturday. They were SO excited to go! Granny is having eye surgery in a couple of weeks, so this is a good time. We've volunteered to bring the kids back if she needs any help after the surgery - and Herself is the one that volunteered!

2. The pool is CLEAN. I can see the bottom! It needs vacuuming - the guy is supposed to be out in a bit to do that - but it is CLEAN. :happy dance:

3. God is good......I have my severance. The A/C went out last night. (PSA: CLEAN your A/C coils at least 1x/year, OK? Looks like this'll cost us about $500; to replace the coils will be $2K. :sigh: And, the septic tank aerater compressor is out. No estimate on that, yet....but. If all goes according to plan - and it should, since I budgeted out EVERYTHING - I should have enough left after paying bills to pay cash for this and the A/C. Good thing they went out NOW, huh? :weak grin:

4. SG is helping get my Hoosier cabinet squared away. He's taking the doors off the top now so I can paint it; while I'm painting he'll be replacing the bottom and cutting a shelf. It should be back in place tonight! :huzzah!:

Tomorrow I plan on catching up on my sleep. I am SO tired it's not even funny. The rest of the week will be laid back, mostly - except I do need to schedule out Trig and (hopefully) World History. MOH IV is due out in September; I preordered it so they'll be sending me the table of contents and the first 6 weeks so we can get it laid out and started. Trig I'll only do 1 chapter at a time, just in case my Mathy boy doesn't get it. I think he'll do just fine.

Gotta run - got babies to feed and a cabinet to start slapping paint on! :lol:

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