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Previous Entry Whoo-eeeee! Jul. 1st, 2014 @ 08:59 am Next Entry
1. Spent 5 hours Sunday and 2 hours yesterday refinishing the Hoosier Cabinet. *I* would have simply hit the high spots with the sander and slapped paint on, but no, no - SG wanted to do it "right". So, he took the bottom and doors down to the bare wood on Sunday (and then I slapped paint on them! :lol:) and yesterday I took the top down to almost bare wood and repainted. It looks MUCH nicer, now - but it's still a crap cabinet. The bottom still needs replacing, as does the back of the bottom piece. Still, it looks good and it *works*, and that's what counts.

2. Have spent the morning paying off bills. Have 3 to go, but I'm going to go do them in person. AND I bought my replacement laptop.....it's the only *thing* I get out of all this (not complaining - honest! If SG hadn't cracked the screen on this one I'd not have bought a new one. I don't need more *things*.) Had to get the bank to lift my card limit and fraud protection - seems that they don't look kindly on large charges going thru without discussing it with them first. :sigh: and :lol:

3. Am going to the kiln factory to pick up some stuff for Herself - she made out like a bandit out of this! :rofl: Again, not complaining - it's just funny how I'll drop money on her and Himself while putting stuff for me on the back burner. Guess that's what parents do, huh? :lol:

4. Have had 1 nibble on the goats. :sigh: I NEED to move 'em out....8 kids is too many.

Pictures will come soon - but I gotta head out and wipe out a few more bills. Adulthood....not as fun as I'd thought it would be. :snicker:

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