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Previous Entry Ugh.... Jul. 3rd, 2014 @ 07:37 am Next Entry
I need a vacation. Seriously.....

Tuesday, I ran around and paid bills. We are now debt-free except for the 2 houses and 1 car. Praise God for that!

I also picked up a MacBook Air. PSA: Homeschoolers qualify for he Education discount - but it's online only. Go to the Education store, when it asks you for your school type in "homeschool". Apple doesn't give big discounts, but every little bit helps. AND right now they're giving free $100 gift cards with every Mac purchased. (I chose in-store pickup; I got the education discount, the gift card, and almost instant gratification. Win/win/win!)

I haven't been able to USE the Air yet, though - the Migration Assistant (which supposedly copies over the old computer to the new one) bombed out, it won't recognize the crossover cables (don't get me started on the "geniuses"....they aren't. The Air does not HAVE a port for anything other than USB...they told us "oh, you can use Ethernet or crossover..." And....you can't. Not without an adapter, and the Air doesn't recognize he adapter. :sigh: 36 hours of my life just GONE.). SG has taken both computers to work to see what he can do....:sigh: I could do it all manually...but I don't want to re download everything and re set it all up. And all my files......

Anyway. The cabinet still isn't finished - he keeps bringing the wrong hinges home. And I tried to replace the roll up door....and 5 slats fell off. :sigh: it looks nice, but it's not ready for a photo yet. :grumble:

I seem to be doing a lot of deep thinking while milking....there may be a post brewing. Or not - I've gotten some sparks from my friends, but they need to gel.

I'm tired, but can't nap. Chloe has a new trick: she jumps in the bed, and snuggles up. THEN she moves to the pillows, using my head as a butt rest. :sigh: and :lol.: it's hard to sleep with an 80 pound puppy on your head. :lol:

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