Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Well, THAT went well!

Just sold 2 bucklings! Not for what I was asking, but hey - they're GONE! As pets, and I got a decent price ($60/each). Thank you, Lord!

Wait - I never posted photos of them, did I? Well...I need to remedy that right now!

Behold: this years kid crop!

Pile o'goats

5.5 of them in the front yard


The 2 on the pile of stepping stones are the doelings - I'm retaining the brown one. The black girl is pretty flashy!


The large brown boy in the background is sold, as is the boy with the white front foot (first photo). The 2 flashy boys here are Oreo and Chip (should be obvious, but Oreo is the black and white one, Chip is the white and black one. :lol:) It was hard to get photos of them, because they will NOT stand still. :lol: And yes - they do all look alike. Malcolm seems to throw duplicates. At least we'll know who the daddy is! :snicker:

And my Soaping Center:

Soaping Center

It's not quite finished - the tambour (roll up) door needs to be reassembled and we need a magnet on the bottom door, but it works the way I wanted it to. ALL my supplies are in it, with room to spare! (And yes, it IS being used right now. "Goats in Love" and "Chimera" are currently gelling on the pull-out enamel top. It works GREAT for this! - and for pressing cheese, too!) (And the Studio is still in disarray - OK, it's a mess. It's still hot in there, so I work on it a little bit every morning before school. It'll get there sooner or later.)

SG HATES it, because it's, well, a piece of junk. It has had a very hard life. He plans on building me a reproduction, keeping the hardware (which is all now new) and the top (which IS original and can't be replaced), because this one....well, it's shoddy. *I* don't care, because I am going to make a mess on it, but he wants a "nice" one. :shrug:

We hit the pool when the buyer left, and the kids came up with some new "seasonal" soaps for me. I have come up with one for the 4th of July - red/white/blue swirls in an apple pie scent; they came up with a winter holiday one - blue/white swirls in Frankensence & Myrrh, a Halloween one in orange/black (or orange/yellow/white) swirls and pumpkin spice scent, and they're working on a Thanksgiving one. Not sure on the colors, but a cranberry scent. I see lots of fun, one-off soaps in my future! :lol: I just need to start promoting the heck out of the website.......that's hard for me. I'll get over it.....

Not much else to report. I am almost at the heel-turn of my Whovian socks.....finally. It's just been to darn hot to KNIT, if you can believe it.

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