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because there's just not a whole lot going on.

1. Re: Hoosier Cabinets. I guess they're mostly regional - my MIL's is the first one I'd ever seen; she brought it home from her mother's in Kentucky. She remembers when her mother got it (in the 30s) - it was THE height of kitchen couture back then. I found some original ads online - they were billed as the "organized kitchen". I can totally see that - they are fantastically set up so that everything is within reach and yet still out of sight and neat. They're not that common here - CraigsList current has 14, but most of them are well out of my budget. Still, they're worth hunting for if you have room for one!

2. We lost a chick this AM. It was doing poorly yesterday, so we brought it into the house so it wouldn't die alone (I'm kinda funny about that.) I thought it was doing better this AM, but it died when Herself was feeding it. :sigh: I *know* that chicks are just waiting for a reason to die, but it's still hard.

3. Soap! Looks like this will be a soaping year - we are still full-up on cheese. :lol: I'm trying to decide what 2 scents to do today....we'll see. Right now I can do 2 large batches at a time (I have 3 large molds, but....I have to admit that I do NOT like my Woodfield's one. It's too tall...I prefer the (surprisingly cheaper!) BrambleBerry molds to it. :shrug: I think the Woodfield's is going to become my Plain Jane mold....IF I decide to keep it.

4. Pool man has NOT shown up this week, despite telling us on Saturday that Mondays were our day. :grrrrr: I'm a little upset at this point - I have given him the benefit of doubt every single week, I've calmed SG down...but I'm running out of patience here. And the pool is STILL cloudy, because the PH is out of whack. :bangs head:

5. Ali made a point yesterday (was it yesterday? My days all run together now) about wondering if the Adversary was going to get people thru "get out of debt free" schemes. I think she's on to something, because I got a "get rich quick" email from a Rabbi, of all people! :shakes head: This is going to get interesting (and, I wish I had gotten out of debt free! :lol: Would have been a lot less stressful! :rofl: Sorry.....but I'm finding it funny. Now. :lol:)

As I said, not much going on here. We're beginning to ease back into the school routine - this week we added Math; we'll be adding in Language Arts in the next few weeks, then Foreign Languages, then the "extras". We're scheduled to be in full-school mode by September 1...we'll see how we do.

Oh! We got some rain yesterday, and are due more tomorrow! In fact, we have a COLD front moving in! (This is Texas. In July. "Cold" means anything under 90*. I'll take it!)

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