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First up: L'il Rose is doing great - you'd never know she was sick! I've quit giving Thiamine for now, but we are watching her pretty closely. I think Ali's right - I think she od'd on the All Stock. Silly goat! :lol:

Yesterday was Town Day. My kids are great - Herself went with me, and Himself went with Mom, and both of them saved us quite a bit of money. I came in $150 UNDER my budget - not too bad, huh? (Of course, I'll be going back today to pick up a few extras - like the clothesline the Chloe-monster ATE last night - but still. I'll still be well under what I budgeted!) All was well until we were leaving - Mom tripped and banged up her knee. She said it was OK, but I'm still concerned.

The children are currently cleaning the doe barn - it's not too bad this month. I did most of the inside chores this AM for them - I don't see the need to make them do both; we'll do school when they get done. We're still in Summer mode, so it's light. "Real" school will be starting in August; I have scheduled to add 1 class a week until we're at full load. Should make things easier on them.

Oh- Ali, no Dr. Who??????? IF you're interested, (and if your Roku has it) 1channel has both the original and the reboot. Since you're new, I'd suggest starting with the reboot - the 9th Doctor (Eccleston) is really, really good. The older ones are also good, but I think you'll get into the reboot easier. As Herself says, "It's really Random! I LIKE it!" :rofl: (I only saw bits and pieces of episodes over the years, so my "official" 1st Doctor is 10 (David Tennant). Even then, I only saw 1 complete episode before we started watching the reboot as a family.) It's a fun show, but it IS random, and the humor is definitely British. :lol:

Need to go hunt up some books - laters!

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