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Busy, busy, busy!


Previous Entry Busy, busy, busy! Jul. 28th, 2014 @ 01:30 pm Next Entry
Let's see:

Friday I made 4 large batches and 1 small batch of soap. Small was Black Pepper EO; the larges were Fresh Snow, Apple Pie, Pina Colada, and Bay Rum. I am tweaking my recipe.....and went a little overboard with the Castor Oil. The logs are, well, sticky - but they'll cure out. In 4-6 *months*. :rofl: I'll do a little more tweaking and try again this week.

Got new tires for the Jeep....$500! For *3*! :wince: I needed them, so....what do you do?

Spent yesterday digging holes and setting posts for the new, improved buck pen. They're gaining 40 feet in both directions - which they desperately need. When we're done there, we'll be redoing the doe's pen - we want to move the fence AWAY from the backyard so that the dogs won't be able to hurt any baby goats we have out there. :sigh:

Have a lady interested in 2 bucklings - they're coming out tomorrow evening to look. :fingers crossed: they buy!

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