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Blah de blah de blah....

It's been raining, Praise the Lord! We need it so, so badly - and He's sent it! Gentle rains, here - other areas have gotten clobbered, but we've just had nice, soft rain. :happy dance:

It puts all of us in a lazy mood - glad we're on our Summer schedule, because otherwise we'd be behind. :rofl:

Been knitting a pair of socks for Herself - in BRIGHT turquoise and lemon yellow. Maurits from Op-Art socks; they're an homage to Maurits (duh!) and are tessellated lizards. Fun pattern; it has a weird heel setup, though. You knit the leg, then you knit the heel and instep at the same time, *increasing* for the gusset as you go. (Normally, I knit the leg, then knit the heel on 1/2 the stitches, then pick up stitches and knit the instep and *decrease* the gusset back down to the original stitch count.) This is....novel, and weird, and we'll see how it fits. IF it fits me OK, then I'll dye up some yarn and knit me a pair later. MUCH later....I have....well, let's just say I have a very large Ravelry queue and leave it at that. :snicker: (Plus I have to finish Himself's kilt hose, knit Yaacov from Op-Art socks for me, knit a pair of Dr. Who socks for SG, and knit a pair of Hieroglyphic socks for me. (Those are cool; the hieroglyphs spell "Knitting socks"! TOO cool!) Oh, and finish my current travel socks so I can start another plain pair. (What? I like knitting, I LOVE hand-knit socks, so.....yeah. I have a dearth of sock patterns to work through.)

SG and I got 3 16' panels up on the buck pen expansion. The back needs 1 more, and a gate; the side needs 1 more (and 2 posts). Then we get to put up the top rail. The finished fence looks great and is very, very sturdy and goat-proof, but it's a LOT of work (and expensive. We have a lot of posts and panels, but once we run out...ouch. I think we're going to do the bulk of the fencing (the rest of the property) with no-climb horse wire and the posts-with-top-rail. Less expensive, same look. The horses aren't as hard on fences as the goats are.)

Gotta run - I need to print some stuff before we start school. Laters!

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