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Photo Post!


Previous Entry Photo Post! Aug. 4th, 2014 @ 08:01 am Next Entry
I've been busy...so I thought I'd share some photos! I put them under a cut because there are 4 of them.

First up, my current sock obsession - "Maurits" from "Op-Art Socks". I have to say, this is one of those books that I am very glad I bought - because I've knit 3 socks from there so far; this is pair #4, and I have 3 more pairs kitted up. That's rare for me to like SO many projects from 1 source!

Anyway.....Herself chose the colors and helped me dye the yarn. I find them...well, very very bright, but she LOVES them, and that's what counts, right? (Right.)

Sock in progress:

lizard socks - almost to toe

Heel and toe:

Lizard socks - heel and sole

Sock on foot:

Lizard socks - on foot

Here's a photo of yesterday's dye pots:

August dye day results

I've already got the patterns printed up for these - the blue and green at the top are for "Celtic Pennies", the brown and orange are for a pair of "Maurits" for me, the teal and darker brown are for the "Hieroglypic" socks, the periwinkle and black are for a pair of sheep socks (I have to rework the pattern, as it's for toe-up socks, but it's no big deal), the large "stormy" skein is for "Hummingbird", and the large blue is for SG's Dr. Who socks. Soon as the skeins dry fully, I'll bag them up with the patterns and have kits ready to go. I got he idea from Yarn Harlot a while back - love it! No thinking necessary when the time comes to start a new project - I just grab a bag and go! :lol:

I really ought to do that with a lot of the commercial yarn I have, too......make it easier to grab travel projects. :hmmmmm: Need to dig out a few more patterns, methinks.....

I should have this sock done today (Thank God!) and I can CO the mate. I'm going to reverse the colors on the 2nd one, just because I can. And to make sure I have plenty of yarn to finish the pair. I did take notes when I dyed this yarn, but I'd hate to try and match it...plus, I don't need any more turquoise yarn! :blech!: :lol:

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