Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

The world has gone Mad!!

And I have proof!

So. We went to the Laundromat today - 2 hours to do 5 washer loads and 2 dryer loads. (Amazing. I was able to fit all 5 loads in to *2* dryers, and they took 38 minutes to dry everything Bone Dry.) Hauled it all home and put it up, then I realized that I didn't have any pizza sauce for dinner tonight. :sigh: Off to Dollar Store!

Now, I don't like to run just a couple dollars thru on my card, so Herself and I were wandering around trying to up it to a least $10. (Yeah, I'm funny like that.) I was at the front, grabbing cheese (it's already shredded. I don't have to dig in the Studio 'fridge for some of the cheddar I made last year!), when Herself found the bargain DVD bin. "Mom! They have "Sound of Music! For $5!!" We headed up to the checkout.....the cashier started ringing us up. The register "dinged!".....and she got a funny look on her face. She looked at the DVD, looked at me, the looked back at the register. "Um. Need your birthdate...the register have to be over 18 this.?.!?" :giggle: We had a rollicking good time making fun of this; I said I hoped that CPS didn't find out I was teaching Broadway Musicals this year, and Herself said that maybe she wasn't old enough to have seen "Phantom"...and the lady in line behind us totally lost it.

But seriously - WHY is there an age limit on "Sound of Music"??????? :sigh:

I'm knitting the heel on sock #2. I'll try to snap a photo tonight - I need to update my Ravelry project page. I'm hoping - HOPING - to finish this thing this week, because I am over it. Well-written pattern,'s not intuitive, I don't like the colors Herself picked (although it got LOTS of attention at the Laundromat today), and...I'm ready for something else. I'm thinking something 1 color this time that I can knock out in a week or so....then I'll probably do the Hieroglyphic Socks. (Egyptian Hieroglyphics that spell out "knitting socks". :lol: Too funny!)

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