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One of the things I like about homeschooling is that I get to learn right alongside the kids. One of the courses we did 2 years ago was "Critical Thinking" started with basic logic (If a, then b. If b, then c. Therefore, if a, then c. In other words, if it rains (a), then you'll get wet (b). If you get wet (b), then you have to come in the house (c). Therefore, if it rains you have to come in the house. Make sense?) then went into how advertisers try to manipulate people. Fascinating subject! Which leads me to how movies and TV manipulate people. (It DOES, most sheeple just don't notice it.)

Now, I don't watch mainstream broadcast TV. There's just nothing on that interests me enough to make me want to spend time on it. (My husband is totally different - he'll spend HOURS watching dreck. :shrug: As long and he doesn't want ME to watch it, we get along.) But I do watch the news, and there's a new show that's being advertised all over the place that has me going "hmmmmmm"

It's "Madame Secretary". I noticed something right off.....who does the lead character resemble? (I asked SG this yesterday, and his knee-jerk response was "No, she doesn't look like Hilary!" I said "Um. Why do you think I meant her (I did) - I didn't SAY anything of the sort!" and he got a funny look on his face as he realized what had just happened. We had a nice chat about what I was getting at after that, and he had a funny look on his face as he realized HOW he had been manipulated by a commercial. He doesn't think about stuff like this a lot.)

And this is the thing - people - a LOT of people - can't separate the actor from real-life. I've seen too many interviews where the actor complains that people approach them on the street and ask about something on the show, thinking it REALLY HAPPENED. And get upset when the actor denies it. "Breaking Bad" is a prime example - I've read where people in NM are constantly being asked about where the characters live.....and the askers get pissed when the NM resident tells them it's FICTION.

So. "Madame Secretary". I know what's going on here. It's a subtle attempt to re-write people's memory of Ms. Clinton. THINK about it. You've got a Hilary look-alike (enough that my husband denied the resemblance without being told of the resemblance!) who is doing *good* things in her job - unlike reality, where Ms. Clinton quit/was fired because she wasn't doing *good* (Benghazi, anyone?). If the show has the character doing enough "good" things "for the country"....what's going to happen at the polls in 2016?

I'm telling you, people WILL get the show mixed up with reality. They will go to the polls and vote based on a FICTIONAL show instead of voting from a realistic stand. And this frightens me. It's bad enough when people vote based on race instead of issues......this just takes it one step further.

I don't have a solution, except to point this out in hopes that enough folk will *wake up* and see how they're being manipulated. (This is just 1 point out of millions - we're all being manipulated all the time. Ask yourself "Why THIS scenario? And why THIS show?" anytime you sit down to watch TV or go to the movies. You might be surprised with what you come up with.)

:sigh: It's a mess out there, and most people are oblivious as to what's going on under the surface. I know I don't know it all - I've only scratched the surface, and honestly? I kinda don't want to know. But....the curtain's been peeled back a little. :big sigh:

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