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Friday Follies...

Just got back from buying feed....have to do it early before it heats up too much. :hot: School to start in a bit - wanted to post progress photos!

I've gotten further along since I took these, but you can at least enjoy the colors. The first one is of the back of the sock and the start of the heel flap:

lizard socks yellow heel

And this one is of the front of the sock and the start of the instep:

lizard socks yellow

The heel turn is now finished, and I'm 14 rounds away from the toe. :whew!: The goal is to finish these TODAY, but I'm not holding my breath. I would have been to the toe yesterday, but I spent 3 hours printing and pro-clicking our Latin and Hebrew worksheets. :oops: (To be fair, I didn't know TGC had downloadable course guides, which have the worksheets in them. I found that out yesterday - so I have an excuse for Latin. Hebrew...I've had those, it just wasn't until yesterday I realized that I didn't have to print all 500 pages for the first 20 lessons; I could just print the worksheets. :face palm: Yeah, sometimes I'm a bit slow....)

Anyway, today we expect the Maytag repair man. I bet that he won't fix it today - I bet he has to "order the parts". Even though we TOLD them the 2 codes, which tells you EXACTLY what's wrong with the blasted thing. :sigh: Ah, well - more knitting time! :lol:

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