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Happy Day! - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Happy Day!

Previous Entry Happy Day! Aug. 24th, 2014 @ 06:15 pm Next Entry
Hope y'all are having a good day! It's hot here, but we've had a *fantastic* day!

First up: I give you my Travelling Monkeys.

Monkey travel socks

Finished them at 5 on Friday. LOVE them. The yarn was Manos.....I'm not too impressed with it, but the socks are cushy and *loud*, which is what I wanted. I've already started the next pair. :lol: I'll get a photo when I get a little further into them.

SG has been playing with his lathe. I had asked him for some more darning eggs - I use them to close the toes on socks and the tops of mittens; I have 3 right now. My "dream" is to have 1 for each project bag; I want fully equipped bags so that each one is a complete project in itself. SG decided - on his own, mind you! - that these would be good to learn on. (See why I love the guy? :lol:)

So. He dug out some crepe myrtle logs and went to town. I have a lovely, not quite finished crepe myrtle darning egg - and it looks *good*. And he eyeballed the shape and it's *perfect*. He's decided that whenever he gets a new wood (right now, that'd be anything NOT crepe myrtle :snerk:) he'll turn another egg for me. :happy dance: (And he's got a block of dymondwood (laminate) in rainbow layers that I'm *itching* for him to play with!) He's not at all phased by my dream - in fact, he wants to make enough that I can put together kits as presents for friends!

Loki is doing well. We had to leave him home for a couple of hours today - he was NOT happy when we came home. Little bugger holds a grudge! All was forgiven after a nap with mama, though - he was quite happy to play with me then. :snicker: He's figured out how to come in the pet door, but he's still not firm on the whole "outside is the bathroom" idea. He's still just a wee baby, though, so it's not too much of a big deal. Yet. Everybody except Bree has accepted him; until she does, I don't feel comfortable leaving him down at night. :sigh: The futon is NOT the most comfortable thing.....

Gotta skitter - got more knitting to do! And puppy kisses!

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