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Today is PJ day, because I am bushed! We tried Loki in bed with us last night...he and SG slept like babies. Me, not so much - I was worried he'd fall off/get crushed/overheated...:sigh: Naptime later!

On Saturday, I inventoried my sock yarn stash. I learned a few things:

1. I do NOT have as much sock yarn as I had thought. (I'm not counting the coned undyed yarn here, because until it's dyed, I won't knit with it. White socks are...well....not my thing, unless it's for a specific pattern. And I'll only knit 1 or 2 solid white pairs anyway.)

2. Most of what I do have is variegated yarn, not really suitable for fancy patterns

3. I have no where near enough yarn - even counting the cones, which I am NOT - to knit all the patterns I have printed off. :lol: (I have enough for maybe 30 pairs..which, at current rate of knitting, is about 2 years worth of projects. Sounds like a lot, but it's just 1 broken ankle/bad case of flu away from NO yarn. :lol:)

Conclusion? I need more of the precious...:rofl: Not really; I just need to get to dyeing up more yarns.

Thing is, I can dye solid and semi-solid yarns all day long with little to no effort. I have books on dyeing the fancy-smancy self-patterning yarn....but honestly? Too much effort for *me*. And not as easy to duplicate. Ah, well - I can splurge every now and then on multi-colored yarn; the rest of the time I can dye it up as I need it.

Granted, I DO knit things other than's just that socks are so portable! It's kinda hard to haul around an adult-sized sweater - but socks? Socks can be tucked into a purse and whipped out when I have a spare moment. All those spare moments add up - I can easily get 1 pair a month done just while waiting for things! (Easy socks, I mean. Color-worked/heavily textured patterns take longer - but the resulting sock is much more impressive!)

Back to it - I'm 1" away from starting the heel flap. I'm wondering if maybe I could have gotten away with 1 less pattern repeat on the width....because this fits, but it doesn't open the lace up as much as it could. BUT....I'm not so sure 63 stitches would stretch - even in lace! - to fit around my heel. 70 stitches does....onward! School starts soon - must knit a bit!

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