Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Happy Holiday!

I think it's a holiday, anyway - we still did school, but SG is home, so...I'm thinking it's a holiday. :shrug: He's out playing with his lathe, the does are out doing yard-work....and it's HOT. (It's Texas. And September. Of COURSE it's hot!)

Finished sock #1 yesterday, just need to get a photo of it. SG finished darning egg #2 - I LOVE it. It's out of colorful laminate; rainbow. It's pretty! Need to get a photo of it, too. Later. When I don't have a headache.

Oh! Got the Firebird sock kit Saturday - it's totally cool! I read over the instructions (and have already wound the's up next!) - it looks relatively easy to knit. (Except that it's toe-up, which I've never done, and don't *want* to do because I know the heel won't fit *me* correctly; these are for Herself so - gulp! - I will knit toe-up socks! Then I can finally get off my arse and knit Vintage for me - also toe-up. I can live with them being not form-fitting - they're for Shabbat only.) I'm going to laminate the pattern pages before I begin - that way the pages won't get all messed up. (Yeah, the laminator was for *school*....and I have yet to actually laminate any curriculum. :oops: It works SO well for patterns......ah, well. At least it's being *used*, right?)(Covers for .pdfs that I print out. That's what it was intended for. I've found card stock works I skip the smelly lamination process.)

I need to revise a spreadsheet I worked on last week - laters!

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Tags: blather, knitting, socks

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