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Busy day....

Today was Shopping with the Aunt day. SG is still off; he woke up sick. I jokingly said "If you didn't want to go with us, you could have just said!"....which was the wrong thing to say. I forgot that I can't joke with he drug his sick butt with us. We got to the Aunt's, and he decided to stay there. :sigh: She even asked him what he was thinking....the kids and I all chorused "He's NOT!" :bangs head:

Anyway. Have some photos! :lol:

Impressionist sock in the Monet color way:

impressionist sock

I am really liking this pattern. This is bad, because I have ideas for dyeing up more yarn and making more - 1 in "Van Gogh" (sunflower colors!), 1 in Picasso (thinking bizarre repeats of primary colors)..etc. I'm trying to NOT get too into this, because I have *tons* of socks already kitted up, ready to knit. :sigh: and :lol:

New darning egg!

Rainbow darning egg 2

Rainbow darning egg 1

Both photos are of the same one - just opposite sides. This started out as a block of laminated wood in primary colors (mostly - black was in between each repeat). Now, it's a lovely, lovely darning egg. We have another block of this, and SG wants to make his own laminate block out of woods we have lying around (paduak, oak, mesquite, osage orange...the list goes on!). He's also turned a small bowl out of crepe myrtle - it's cute! He's really gotten into this - I'm glad. Everyone needs a hobby. This one is more instant gratification compared to cabinet building (which is what he was doing. Slowly. :lol:)

We're back home now; SG is in bed. I need to get some more knitting done - laters!

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