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Current Events...

I don't normally post these, but I have been promoted to, so....

Steven Sotloff was a Jew He'd emigrated to Israel in..2005, I think - so unless he had dual citizenship, he wasn't "technically" an American. (Which makes it worse, to me. YHWH WILL avenge this, mark my words!)

Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning - Ft. Bliss has increased security. Wonder why our fearless leader hasn't tightened border security?

The Washington Post has an editorial that's interesting reading.

I live in a border state - far North of the border, but still - so this is something I keep on my radar. How hard would it be for ISIS militants to pretend to be refuges from S. America? I'm thinking, not very. Spanish is not that difficult to grasp....and with all the holes in our border - thanks to our duly elected leader! - it certainly wouldn't be hard for terrorists to "sneak" in. At least our governor is trying to stop the influx - but at this point, I'm betting it's too late.

Oh, and I saw an interview last night with a sheriff from Michigan - he said what I've said (Sorry - I could only find the full program. The interview was in the last 15 minutes of so of the broadcast.). These folks are NOT leaving their countries because of increased violence - the violence hasn't noticeably increased. They're coming because they've been told they can stay - thanks to our leader, again.

Again, I don't normally do this - I try to stay away from politically-charged posts (personal reasons)...but this? I've been pushed to post. ya go!

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