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The Creativity's been flowing!

Spent yesterday thinking about a yarn....and I managed to *almost* dye up what I had imagined. Self-striping skein of sock yarn in 4 colors, done in 1 batch. It was easy - I just need to change a few things and try again. :lol:

I mixed up 4 dye batches, with colors pulled from Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" painting. Yellow, Orange, Brown, and Moss Green. Each batch was in a half-gallon jar (first mistake!), I mixed it up at 1/4 teaspoon each color (2nd mistake!); I wet the skein (400 yards), picked it up and formed a sloppy square, then pulled the 4 corners to the center (leaving a sort of 4-legged octopus, if that makes sense). Each of the 4 legs went into it's own jar; I had put the jars in my dyepot, filled the pot with water up to almost the top of the dye mixture. I added 1/4 cup vinegar to each jar, and processed it like I normally do (high simmer for 30 minutes).

Problem 1: too much dye in the mix. It wouldn't exhaust, and I had a LOT of run-off.

Problem 2: the jars were too tall; my yarn only reached maybe 1/4 the way down. LOTS of dye never hit the yarn.

So. I had a lovely skein of yarn at the end of 1 hour (because I was trying to exhaust all the dye, I added more vinegar at the 30 minute mark and kept going.). I pulled the yarn out of the jars, and plopped it into the hot dyepot, to try and heat-set the dye. Unfortunately, the brown and green started running.....I ended up with a skein with about 6 colors - RED (because I had to mix yellow and red for the orange, but it didn't stay mixed up. Live and learn!), orange, yellow, an ugly green/yellow, black (from the brown), brown, and a weird brownish green. Guess that's 7 colors in all. :lol:

Anyway, the skein is still drying. While it's not exactly what I had in mind, it's nice. Herself pointed out that the Impressionist artists usually mixed all their colors; they didn't use "pure" ones. That makes me feel better! :rofl: It'll make a nice pair of socks....and I already have plans for a Degas color way (pinks and blues with some black). Instead of half-gallon jars, I'm going to use pint jars and see how that works. If it works, then I can do others - Hassam (pink, orange, white, blue), Manet (black, yellow, brown), Gauguin (royal blue, orange, brown, white), Seurat (yellow, blue, orange, white, red) Renoir (green, yellow, brown, sky blue), Cezanne (black, white, red) - the list goes on and on! :lol:

Today was cheese-making. Manchego this time, per SG's request. I have 11 gallons of milk in the freezer, and 1.5 in the fridge (with another .5 to come tonight...and tomorrow morning, and tomorrow evening...:lol:) I need to make soap, but I haven't been in the mood.....ah, well. I have plenty - I just want another use for the milk. Guess I need to make some yogurt soon. And pudding. And Ice Cream....:lol:

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