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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Yes, actually, I *do* finish things!

:lol: Sometimes it feels like all I do is knit, knit, knit - but never actually *complete* anything. that's why photos are a must - to prove to myself that I do, actually finish stuff. (The overflowing sock drawer apparently doesn't count....)

So. Proof - I give you the finished Impressionist Socks, Monet version:

Impressionist socks right

Impressionist Socks left

Both sides, so you can see how the yarn pooled. This yarn is Supersock Merino from Cherry Tree Hill (it's a discontinued yarn, unfortunately. I think I need to try and score some from's a NICE yarn.) - I enjoyed working with it.

The peacock yarn is dry, but I'm debating over-dyeing it with a turquoise/teal blend. I need to think on it a bit - I love how it looks now, but I'm not sure it'll work for the pattern I want to use it with. (Firebird, I think...we'll see how the first knitting of it goes!)

Oh, and I did the math. I bought a (few) cone(s) of undyed sock base for $60/each (I think that included shipping). Yes, that's a lot to spend up front....but I sat down yesterday and counted up the projects (because the Peacock color way took all but the last 70 yards of the first cone.) Out of the 3 pound cone I got *13* pairs of socks - which calculates to $4.20-ish/pair.

Commercially dyed sock yarn runs $5.00/ball for the CHEAP stuff at JoAnn's. The "good" stuff will run about $10/ball - and 1 ball will do *1* sock (same for the JoAnn's stuff!). Sometimes you can get good stuff on sale, but on average you're looking at $18/pair. The hand-dyed stuff starts at $20 and runs up - I paid $45 for a skein of Cashmere/Merino/Nylon (complete pair!) a while back - and it was on sale. (The 3 pound cone of Cash/Merino was $105. Even if I only get 10 pairs out of it, that's $11/pair!) (I'm not including a lot for the dyes; 2 oz of dye from Dharma Trading is $4.50-ish. I purchased my dyes before we moved here (2003!) and I still have a TON...I only use 1/4 tsp per skein, so....yeah. The cost of dye per skein is pretty low.)

Sounds like a lot, to non-knitters, but....I have been knitting socks for at least 11 years now. I am JUST NOW tossing the first pairs - they've finally worn out. 11 years of wear - you won't get that from commercially knit socks! Plus, hand-knit socks FIT. You don't understand that unless your foot isn't "most" - mine aren't.

Anyway, I need to start Firebird. Herself is all excited over this - she's been wanting this pair of socks for quite some time, now. :lol: Better go take care of that obsession! (Wish me luck! The Tsarina's patterns are always a challenge, and require thinking. Guess I need to figure out a travel sock....these are pretty chart-heavy.)

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