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The Boid.....

is a pain in the arse! :lol: 4 hours of knitting, and this is what I have:

Firebird toe

I HATE toe-up socks. This sock recommends a Turkish cast-on, which looks easy enough - you simply wrap the yarn around 2 needles as many times as you need stitches, then you knit them. Sounds easy, right? Only, you end up with 2 rows of knitting on 4 DPNs.....which is difficult. And fiddly. And hard on my wrist. :sigh:

Then I got to row 19 and dropped a stitch. :bangs head: Normally, this isn't a big deal - I'm good at picking up stitches. Only this one was in the middle of the toe pattern, and I had to tink back 3 rows to get the stitch count correct. :sigh: Lifelines are my friends....... I'm currently on row 25. Finally.

Still, there's really nothing "hard" in knitting. It's all just knit stitches or purl stitches.....I just need to keep reminding myself to this.....and I need to remember that I really CAN count to 3. Honest! :lol:

Herself is plugging along with her practice gloves. She's doing pretty well - 1st project in the round, using 5 double pointed needles, with 2 colors, and both knit and purl stitches. I've only had to help her 2x - once on binding off for the thumb (the clever child figured out how to CAST ON on the next row all by herself!!!!!) and once to fix an accidental yarn-over she did. Yes, I'm a proud mama right now!

And, I think I'm going to sell my Circular Sock Machine. I don't use it anymore, and it's just taking up space getting dusty. I'm sure someone will be happy to give it a new home.....

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