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Still contemplating your post, Ali....I wish the Jews would remember that Goy/Ger/Gentiles ARE allowed to join Israelj - the book of Ruth spells it out quite clearly. According to it, we don't have to undergo a long conversion process, or learn Talmud.....just accept that their God is OUR God, and their people are OUR people....:sigh:

Slowly knitting - I'm past the "hard" part and am moving rapidly toward the heel. Here - pictures are worth 1,000 words:

Firebird foot

It really IS an easy pattern. I had to concentrate during the lace rows, but now it's pretty easy sailing. I probably just jinxed myself...:lol:

I'll be firing up the dyepot again this weekend....I *need* a pair of Sherlock socks (the wallpaper had it coming, you know! :giggle:), but I don't have any chocolate brown. And I want to do something else for my peacock socks (Firebird, but in, well - peacock colors) - the 4 color batch is nice, but not quite what I was looking for. I have a few ideas.....

Yesterday was Clean-the-Studio-Day. I *really* need to get back to the loom...maybe next week. I've got presents to knock out - the warp has been measured out since sometime LAST year...:mumble:

Gotta skitter - I've done my Shabbat cleaning, dinner is ready to throw in the oven, so now it's time to knit. Shabbat Shalom!

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