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Thoughts are swirling around...

and I don't know if I can make sense of them. So.....excuse the meandering, OK?

This was sparked from Ali's post, which was sparked from a post by a Jewish blogger. Basically, the Jews hate Believers, thanks to the Christian Evangelists that have NO CLUE about what they are preaching. I blame Constantine - he's the one who "converted" (only, not really) and decided that Believers in the JEWISH Messiah should forget about their Jewish Roots. Um. Yeah - about that....

God is a god of pattern and order. He does things in specific ways to show/teach the JEWS about Him. He also is NOT into unification, or everything goes, as long as you say it's in His name - God elects, separates, and divides. Abraham: God chose him, separated him from his people/family, and divided him to be His. Abraham had 2 sons: Ishmael and Isaac. God chose Isaac, separated him and divided him away from his people. Isaac had 2 sons: Esau and Jacob. God chose Jacob, separated him from everybody he knew, and divided him and his descendants into HIS chosen people: Israel.

God's promises were made to Israel - NOT the whole world. But wait! What about John3:16? READ it - it says "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (Yes, but KEEP going!) that *Whosoever believed in Him* would have everlasting life". It does NOT SAY that everybody would have everlasting life - only those *who believed in Him*.

What does the church say? That God Loves Everybody! Even those who break His laws and commandments! (Which, by the way, have NOT been tossed out. Jesus (which is NOT His name - it's Yeshua - but I'm trying to make this easy)(it's like my Russian friend Mikhail. I can certainly call him Mike, and he might even answer to it, but *it's not his name*. His name is Mikhail. Totally *different*.) specifically addressed this - NOTHING in Torah has passed away, or will, until it has been fulfilled.

Anyway. The Christian church has a lot to answer to - they've decided that *they* are God's chosen (I'm not sure how...because GOD chose Israel. Who did He send the Messiah *to*? It wasn't the Muslims living in Jerusalem. It wasn't to the Goy/Gentile nations. It was TO THE JEWS. Why? Because They are God's Chosen People. Yeshua is a JEWISH Messiah, not a *world* Messiah.

The ONLY way Gentiles/Goy/Ger can partake of ANYTHING God offers is by *joining the Jews*. Sorry, but going to a Christian church every Sunday doesn't mean a hill of beans to God - if you're not part of His chosen people, you're an outsider. Torah lays this out - you MUST join Israel to be part of God's promises - you must fall under the covenants with Israel, or....sorry, but you're nobody.

*I* didn't make this up - read Torah. It's very specific.....and the NT honestly restates this. Paul covers this in Romans (the whole "grafted in" thing - you MUST be adopted into God's people, or the promises don't cover you. The first Believers were Jewish...and the ones Paul "converted"? BECAME Jews who believed that Yeshua was the Messiah, who came as Kinsman Redeemer. The Jews missed this, because they were (and still are!) looking for the Blood Avenger - and that's Who He is coming as when He returns. But we had to be redeemed, first.

The Jews missed out, and because Christians are arrogant we've pissed them off and made it easier for them to be stiff-necked. I wouldn't be surprised if the Adversary didn't have a lot to do with fact, I'm sure of it. But...the Jews won't accept that they made a mistake as long as the oh-so-arrogant missionaries/Messianics/evangelists keep trying to force *their* mistaken views on them. Believers were/are supposed to be "completed" Jews (I hate that term, but it's better than Messianic. I do use the term Messianic Jew when talking to people about Religion (I try to bow out, but sometimes it's impossible) because it *is* the closest label to how I feel, but the label has been co-opted by Christians who want to be better than the normal run-of-the-mill ones. :sigh:)

I'm not sure where I'm trying to go with this....but this has been swirling around in my head for a bit, now. Figured I'd get it out while dyeing yarn.....

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