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I give you photos.....

because I don't have much else. Except a weekend recap.....

Saturday, Loki had a vet appointment. He's all healthy - and they were excited to see him. Seems that their vet tech volunteers at the shelter 2 towns over (where we got Loki); he whelped out the mother. So, Loki kinda came "home". :lol: He was such a good boy while there! He now weighs 17 pounds, and is just a bundle of cuteness and mischief!

We also hit 2 yarn stores....and I walked away with NOTHING. I was looking for a set of US 1.5 Karbonz DPNs....and neither store had them. The first one was out of that size, and tried to sell me size 1's (ummmm. I *need* the 1.5 to get gauge - on 1's I had too many stitches/inch, and on 2's I had too few. 1.5's I am spot why would I go DOWN in needle size???) and the 2nd...well, I am not a fan of them anyway. They didn't carry Karbonz....but offered me *plastic*. Um. I don't DO plastic, thank you very much - I told her, if my laminates are bending, why do you think plastic would work? And metal hurts my hands.....:sigh: (I'm not naming either store - the first one I like; they're usually wonderful to shop at. The 2nd...I've had some not-so-nice trips there. We only stopped there because we were in town, and I really, really *need* the replacement needles.) We got home, and after sundown SG ordered me a set online (for $5 LESS than the first store had hers marked. And free shipping. :sigh:)

SG ordered a part for his lathe - some sort of chuck for turning bowls and stuff. Rockler was right across the street from store #2, so we stopped in. They wanted $159 for a chuck.....we found one online for $89. WITH a few more accessories. I try to shop local, I really do - but with savings like this, I'm beginning to wonder WHY I insists on doing so.

Anyway, yesterday was Dye day. (I was putting off working on firebird....). I dyed up quite a bit of yarn:

Sept. dye day results

10 dyepots in total. (The black were both done in the same batch). The top is the "final" Peacock color way, the smaller skein is for the embroidery on those socks (me); the black and fluorescent yellow are for a pair of Radioactive socks (Herself); the next 5 skeins are for a pair of Dalek socks (Herself) - I still need to dye a regular yellow, and the orange was supposed to be a golden brown; the Red/White/Blue is for a pair of Texas Rangers socks (me); and the chocolate/white skeins are for a pair of Sherlock socks (me).

The Dalek socks aren't going to use all that yarn - it just requires a lot of colors. I'll have to figure out what to do with the leftovers. I took decent notes, so I should be able to recreate them if needed; the Peacock one will be hardest to match, but I should have enough for a pair (I wound 10 yards more than the firebird kit calls for.)

Speaking of firebird, I managed to (finally!) turn the heel:

Firebird foot top

Firebird foot side view

The pattern calls for a short-row heel with wraps.....I hate short-row heels with a passion, because I ALWAYS get holes at the point of turning. I decided to try the technique touted by Pricilla Gibson-Roberts; she uses yarn-overs at the point of turning. It sounds totally off-base - deliberately putting a HOLE at the turning points - but it worked! Eventually.

The first attempt looked *horrible*. I said a few things, ripped back to the lifeline, and tried again. I don't know what I did differently, but it worked the 2nd time and actually looks nice. And - NO holes! We'll see how this sock fits...but SG needs this type of heel, so now I have a good one in my "tool box".

I am liking how the sock is turning out - and yes, I will be knitting me a pair in my Peacock yarn. Eventually. I still prefer top-down construction....but I LOVE the lace foot on these. I must have a pair.....:lol: Guess I should get back to knitting....the sooner it's done, the sooner I can start a new pattern. (Actually, next up is a scarf for Himself - he asked - ASKED! - for a cabled sock. Must encourage the knit-wear!)

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