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OK, so here's the deal. I was browsing Ebay today (we left early because the A/C is *broken* again) and saw a listing for a "witch's costume". I wanted to see *why* it was a witch's costume; it looked like a typical wench outfit to me.

The lister claims that sometime in the Renassaince, only witches wore purple. WTF? So, I politely asked her to explain, because I have *never* run across that one before. I also told her I am a dyer, and as far as I knew, purple came from mollusks (the famed Royal Purple) or from overdying red (from cochneil or logwood) with woad (or indigo, but that was in the Americas). I also said that logwood will give lighter purples on it's own, trying to be nice and informative (and prove I'm not some whack-job)

She sent me a snarky note back saying that YES, purple is gotten from belladonna plants, and that's why only witches wore it. O-k......I asked her for her sources so I could *see* it, she snarked back that I needed to get a life - she sent me a *link* for pete's sake (only not that nicely. Grrrrrrrrr)

Yeah, like I'm going to believe *1* link on the WWW. Which is always true, yes? The WWW *never* lies, right?

I wrote back a slightly less polite note that yes, I have a life, and I wanted to increase my knowledge. I may have told her to get a life, as well...I can't remember.

What is it with some people?????

ETA: Here's the oh-so-imformative link

I didn't see anything about dyeing fibers Anywhere. 1 sentence about coloring the skin...but that doesn't at all mean that fibers were dyed with it. Coloring and Dyeing are, after all, 2 totally different things.

ETA #2 I got a semi-apology; she says she thought I sent her an attachment, and told me to google it. See my comment on the jfgi; I did, then decided I needed to get on with my life and hit the pool.
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