Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Phoenix Rising!

I have a photo! It's not a complete sock - yet - but it will be TODAY. (or early tomorrow. I'm flexible!)

Firebird hem

I'm working the "flame picot hem"..sort of. I tried it the way the Tsarina wanted...and I simply could NOT get it to look right. So I'm doing my own thing - she wants you to use a specific cast on (the knitted on one), then you immediately bind them off...I'm using the backwards loop CO. It works for *me*. And I think it looks like her pictures, so...we're good. I hope....:lol:

Can you see the bird????? I can - but I knit the silly things. It'll pop once I do the embroidery on them - the kit came with some yellow (SCREAMING yellow!) yarn to embroider with, and, yeah - it makes the bird POP. it also came with some glass beads for the eyes - although Herself doesn't like the color - says it's not *red* enough. :shrug: Her socks, her choice. She's got beads that will be perfect, or so she says. :lol:

Herself is all atwitter over this - she can't wait for me to finish it so she can "try it on". (Like she hasn't tried it on numerous times already! :lol:)

It's almost lunchtime - laters!

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