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About Happy Monday!!

Previous Entry Happy Monday!! Sep. 29th, 2014 @ 09:06 am Next Entry
It's a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the bucks are...OK, they're a smelly, disgusting *mess*, but on the whole, it's a beautiful day. I've been busy - I did morning stables by myself this AM (letting everybody else sleep in - I was already up, so why not?), did the dishes (normally the kids' jobs, but I *needed* the sink empty!), whipped up a batch of soap (would have done multiple batches, but due to a :cough: supplier error :cough: :forgot to pick up olive oil: :cough: could only do 1) AND replenished the laundry soap. And it's only 9 AM! :lol:

Good news: (sorta): was trolling Ravelry, and discovered that the lovely Tsock Tsarina had at one point posted the chart for the bird. No instructions, and no key, and it's blurry because I had to enlarge it, but hey - Chart! I'm having to use the finished sock to figure out the chart, but at least I can get back on it. (I STILL need the pattern, though - I'm not sure what/how to embroider and where to place the eye beads. :sigh:)

SG has turned his first bowl - it's lovely! He's supposed to make a larger one for *me*, so I can store my stitch markers in it (I...have a thing for stitch markers. I have....well, a lot. And now that Herself is knitting, I need more.)

Speaking of Herself, she finished her first glove and has started the 2nd. :juggles: Makes a mom proud, it does! Her first real knitting project: In the Round, on double points, WITH scales. :wipes tear: She's eyeing my lace book collection now.....:heh:

Think I'll pour me a cuppa, and go knit a bit.

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