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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Random post is Random

1. Yes, there's a CONFIRMED case of Ebola in Dallas, at the hospital that both my children were born at. :sigh: I'm not surprised....and not too worried. I'm an hour away...

2. Mom brought my pattern back yesterday. :huzzah: I immediately sat down and commenced knitting. I started the heel. Put it down when I finished the decreases and went to bed. Picked it back up this AM.

2a. I fail at counting to 11. I had gotten to my marker and - for once! - decided to count my decreases (should have had 11). I had...15. On *both* sides. :bangs head: Ripped back to the lifeline.

2b. I made it to the increase portion, and discovered that I still can't count to 11. Ripped back to the lifeline, again. (This is why we use lifelines, friends!)

2c. Checked the pattern - 11 decreases, with 17 live stitches in between. OK. I decide that *this* time, I would count ONLY the live stitches. Why I thought 17 was better than 11 I don't know, because...well. I made it to 17 and started the increases. On the LAST set, I decided that maybe that niggling little voice might know something I didn't.....because the heel looked a bit shallow. :sigh: Checked the pattern - I should have 11 decreases. I had 9. Double-checked the finished sock - yup, this one is too damn shallow. :bangs head: Threw the sock and bag onto the dash of the truck, muttered a bit, then ripped back to the lifeline AGAIN.

2d. Double-check the pattern....then decide to actually GO BACK a page to see how I was supposed to END the patterning for the heel (the chart has a hash-marked row saying "Separate for the heel". Big help THAT is!) The last pattern row was as I remembered...then I moved the post-it notes. :sigh: It says, quite plainly, that I need to steal 4 instep stitches on each side for the wonder I couldn't get my stitch counts to match the pattern - I was 8 stitches short! I dutifully move the stitches around and recommence knitting the heel. Hope I can COUNT this time! :sigh: (Once again - LIFELINES. They are a necessity!)

3. Bree lost part of her tail yesterday. Bailey, for some reason, snapped and bit off 1.5" of the tip. :YIKES!: I finally got the bleeding stopped, and she seems to be OK right now, but OUCH! We're going to try to hydrogen peroxide it tonight......pray for us. She's a wuss. A huge wuss (both in wussiness AND size - she's about 120, I think. Wolfhounds are considered "giant" dogs. We think she's just big.)

4. Shoutout to my brother - it's his birthday! Happy Birthday bro!!

I think that brings us up to date. The sock has been in time-out since 3, think it's learned it's lesson? Hope so......:lol:

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