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We were supposed to go to the Fair today......didn't happen. Herself got sick last night - she finally fell asleep around 2 AM. On the couch. I was on the futon to keep an eye on her. 3 hours later, I'm up......3 hours of sleep is NOT enough for me. I've been a zombie all day.

We managed to get her in to the doctor - it appears to be a cold. But. Because her cycles have been off-the-wall-weird the past 3 months (she's been bleeding for 3 weeks straight this time), the doc sent us to the lab for blood draws. And put her on birth control pills. :sigh: and :huzzah: (I had forgotten that I had to go on BCP myself to get my cycles straightened out. Wish I had remembered this sooner!)

Anyway, we picked up her prescription and headed home. She was feeling better, and requested Henk's European Deli for lunch. I double- and triple-checked that she was sure; we went, we ate, and we hit the Half-Price books right across the street. Where I discovered that magazines are only $1.....:sigh:

We now have enough Cook's Illustrated and Martha Stewart Living for me to put together a Home Ec. course. As soon as I get some sleep, I'll go thru and start planning it - I want both kids to be able to cook - more than just box dinners! - and understand WHY you do certain things. Himself can already cook pretty good (but he's afraid of the oven, ever since he accidentally melted a spatula he forgot to remove from his dish. Ah, well - BTDT!), but Herself has been resistant up till now.

I'm so tired I can't knit! (You know it's bad....) But! I also picked up some Interweave Knits and some Clearance Books....I'm good for reading material for a while. :weak grin:

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