Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Happy Thursday!

Herself is MUCH better today, thank you! She slept soundly last night, and woke up ready to take on the world. Or at least, Canton Trade Days. :lol: I'm glad we went today instead of tomorrow; we found a "new" vendor (new to us, anyway!) that carries mostly old-fashioned hand-tools. Like the planes SG has been hunting. For reasonable prices.

A few weeks ago, SG showed me a video of Chris Schwartz (some big woodworking guru) - he was using a plow plane. SG remarked that he'd like one, but new they were in the $500+ range (the one Chris was using was $1700. !!!!)

Anyway, we're browsing the booth...and I see not 1 but *2* plow planes. 1 had a bunch of blades with it - but it was priced a little out of our budget. SG sighed and bought a Stanley plane, a...something else, and an old oil can. I asked the guy what was the least amount he'd take for the bells-n-whistles plane....and he said, well, I take checks, you know, and let me 'bout $100? I had my checkbook out faster than SG could say "Yes". :rofl:

SG has promised to finish my weaving cabinet soon. He also offered to buy me the 2 broken-down spinning wheels another seller had....problem is that only 1 was almost complete.'s gonna cost more than the thing is worth to get it to usable condition (it's missing the Mother-of-All, the flyer and bobbin assembly and the wooden screw blocks needed to tension the missing MoA. SG can't do metal smithing, which is necessary for the orifice and bobbin rod.....we *could* purchase an Ashford flyer unit, but it wouldn't match and might not even work correctly on the old wheel. :sigh: It was a pretty thing....but I won't spend $100 on a non-fixable beauty prop. :big sigh:

Ah, well - we had fun. And Herself still feels good!

I've been lesson-planning. Looks like our Home Ec course will be on Mondays - it's a non-full day (ish - Friday is our light day, but I want to keep it that way for Shabbat-prep). We're starting with scrambled eggs - that way she can cook *something* decent right out the gate. I have the Jan/Feb 1998 issue of Cook's Illustrated which has "fluffy scrambled eggs", "Best Bacon" (we'll use either Turkey or Beef bacon, of course!), Jewish Rye Bread, and Carrot Cake - that's a whole month, right there! :wink: We'll do a lot of it later in the day, so that supper will be taken care of - she learns to cook and *I* don't have to prep dinner. Win/win! :lol: I have 9 issues of Cook's Illustrated and 7 issues of Martha Stewart Living (I know, but - she's got good ideas.) - that should keep us busy this year! (And, we might do more than 1x/week. We'll see.)

Gotta re-boot the laundry. Hope y'all have a great day!

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