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The Drama Llama strikes my household...


Previous Entry The Drama Llama strikes my household... Oct. 5th, 2014 @ 10:03 am Next Entry
I get it, I really do. Herself is sick - doc says it's just a nasty upper respiratory thing (aka "cold") and that there's really NOTHING we can do except ride it out. I get that it's annoying to have a stuffy nose...but OY! The drama! The dramatic heavy breathing when asked a question/to do something! :sigh:

Yesterday was lovely. We went for a walk and saw more butterflies than I have EVER seen in 1 place before (including the butterfly garden!) TONS of Monarch butterflies were flitting around - it was GORGEOUS! We also saw 2 coyotes and a woodpecker, and heard the young Red-tailed hawk. The Golden Eagle is MIA (and has been for a couple of years - guess they moved on?) - it was lovely. The fasting, not so much. Apparently my limit is 24.5 hours.....:sigh: At least I made it that long, right? :bigger sigh:

SG is supposed to replace the disposer today :fingers crossed: I'm tired of only having half a sink.

I'm working on the bird.....I'm working my way up the leg, now. I'm so ready for this pair to be DONE....I wanna knit with something Not-Orange for a while. :grin: And mindless....

Gotta go check on Herself - she's finally drifted off. I think. I hope. Sleep cures a lot of ills....

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