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You know how I said I almost didn't have enough yarn?


Previous Entry You know how I said I almost didn't have enough yarn? Oct. 8th, 2014 @ 01:11 pm Next Entry
I spent most of the morning at the doctor. It's Loki's fault; he's not growing fast enough. See, we have a very tall bed. Loki insists on sleeping with us, but he can't get up or down on his own. So, last night I put him on the bed with me at 8. At 10, he decided he *really* needed to outside, please, so I got up and picked him up.

Now, I can't just set him down on the floor, because he's still a puppy - he'll get distracted, forget why he's no longer on the bed, and piddle where ever he is. So, I started to carry him to the bedroom door....and somehow slipped and lost my balance.

I fell *hard*, hitting my left leg on one of the dog dishes on my way down. It immediately started changing colors and swelling - and burning every time I even thought about moving it. :Sigh:

It was still burning this AM, so to the doctor we went. It's NOT broken - thank the Lord! - so I won't be testing my theory that I'm only 1 broken leg away from no yarn, but it is spectacularly bruised and looks like I have a tumor. Doc says it'll get worse - and gravity will pull the bruising down my leg and into my foot. :fun: And - there's nothing I can take, so I have to deal. And use lots of ice packs.

Sukkot begins tonight.....so it's poor timing on my part. I was going to try and convince SG to let me set up the tent outside, but not now - it's hard enough to walk INside, and the couch was uncomfortable enough last night - I don't think I could make it sleeping on the ground. :sigh: So, the tent will be set up in the living room again, and I get to camp out on the futon with a pile of pillows around my poor, abused leg.

At least I got 1.75 hours of knitting in - I'm about 20 rounds from *FINISHING* the sock. (Except for the embroidery. That shouldn't take too long!)

(Ali - OUCH! Hope your foot feels better than my leg!)

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